Marcio Okabe – Business in Brasil

Marcio Okabe is a polymath* and considers himself an eternal apprentice. He has a career of over 20 years in digital marketing and 10 years in presentations. He became a professional speaker and videomaker/youtuber with over 5,000 videos posted. He found his IKIGAI in Origami and Education Maker. Creator of the Konfide Academy which is a teaching/learning network. Its main focus is to form evolutionary TEAL groups (see organizations) that act based on 4D Flownomy.

*A polymath (from the Greek πολυμαθής, transl. polymathēs, lit. “one who has learned a lot”) is a person whose knowledge is not restricted to a single area.

I have half a century of life + 3 years, that is, 53 years. The pandemic has made the whole world enter the “cocoon” to rethink the paths we want to get out of the crisis, which in reality is a great transition with the necessary transformation to create a happy world where abundance and collaboration are the new normal.
I introduce myself as:

Origamist by passion
MAKER educator by mission
speaker by vocation